Travel FAQ

1/ Where is Vietnam location ?
2/ How to go to Vietnam ?
3/ What places to see in Vietnam ?
4/ How many international border gate in Vietnam ? (with China, Laos, Cambodia)
5/ How to get Visa to Vietnam ?
6 / World heritage sites in Vietnam
7 / Taxi/bus from airports to cities/towns ?
8 /How long to visit Vietnam ?
9 / What is the average tour cost for a package tour in Vietnam ?
10/ How is the traffic in Vietnam ? Is it safe when traveling by bike or motorbike ?
11/ How to organize bike tour in Vietnam ?
12/ What should we bring with us on your bike tour ?
13/ What is currency, and how to exchange money in Vietnam ? How to use Credit/Debit Cards and Where are ATMs ?
14/ Homestay tour in Vietnam ?
15/ How about a boat cruise and overnight in Halong Bay?
16/ How is the road condition in the northern part of Vietnam ? How about the climate in Vietnam for traveling ?
17/ Can My Cell phone be used in Vietnam ?
18/ How should I bring clothes and shoes when travelling or trekking in Vietnam ?
19/ Can I book the cheap room rate in Vietnam from 25 USD to 30 USD ?
20/ Can we learn Vietnamese from our tour guide ?
21/ How to travel to Cambodia via the Mekong Delta?
22/ How to cross the border to Laos ?
23/ How to get Visa to China in Vietnam ?
24/ How to get Visa to Cambodia in Vietnam ? international border crossings between Vietnam and Cambodia
25/ How to get Visa to Laos in Vietnam ?
26/ Do you have a contact office in Cambodia ?
27/ Do you have a contact office in Laos ?
28/ Where to do trekking in Vietnam ?
29/ What should we bring when trekking in Vietnam ?
30/ I am a Muslim, is it easy to find halal food ?
31 / Where to get Vegetarians Food ?
32 / Vietnamese Food and restaurant ?
33/ Where to go if traveling with kids in Vietnam ?
34/ How do we book the tour, on the internet or by coming to your office? How to pay ?
35/ Do you have an office in Ho Chi Minh city? Can we book a tour when we arrive in HCM City, or is it too late?
37 / What is your phone number in urgent case ?
38/ Hoi An Tailors for Women's or Man Clothing ?
42/ Do you arrange the honeymoon in vietnam?
43/ How to make the payment ? do you accept the Visa or travellers check ?
46/ How safe is Vietnam?
47/ What level of comfort do the trains in Vietnam provide and how safe are they?

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