Lang Co Beach is known for having one of the most beautiful natural coastal landscapes in Vietnam. It is situated more than 25 km north of Da Nang city, and more than 60 km south from Hue. This makes Lang Co Beach the perfect stop if you are travelling between these two cities, just at the foot of the famous Hai Van pass.

Things to do and see

Lang Co beach

Lang Co has a very beautiful and long stretch beach, in an arc shape, with mountains in the background of Bac Ma National Park. The 10 kilometer long beach looks very inviting, with its fine yellow and white sand. On the beach you can relax or rent a boat to go around, including a trip to Son Cha Island, just of the coast. For the best stretch of beach, stay at the Lang Co Beach Resort. They keep the stretch of beach very clean and you can use their lounge chairs. An evening stroll along the beach will take you to a number of excellent seafood restaurants.


Fishing village

Lang Co beach is part of Lang Co town. This town is more like a small fishing village. On the beach you will see the basket boats that the fisherman use to peddle to the fishing boats just lying anchor of the coast. There is a local market in the middle of the village, that is mainly used to sell fresh seafood. Also in the fishing village you find mostly seafood restaurants.

Lap An lagoon

Also known as An Cu Lagoon, located on National Highway 1A, is a quite beautiful lake, with turquoise water. It is surrounded by the impressive Bach Ma mountain range. This lagoon is the most beautiful during sunsets.

Hai Van Pass

The Hai Van Pass is probably the most famous mountain pass of Vietnam. This mountain pass connects Da Nang/Hoi An with Hue, via a stunning coastal road. Top Gear named it one of the best coastal roads in the world. The route can be done by motorbike (self driving), an easy rider (on the back of a motorbike of a Vietnamese guide) or by jeep/car.

Lang Co beach from the Hai Van Pass

Besides, from the start of the Hai Van Pass (coming from Hue) you have an amazing view over Lang Co beach; the perfect stop to make a photo.

Elephant Spring

If the waves at Lang Co beach are too big, or you prefer a nice fresh water pool to cool of, then a dip in the Elephant Spring is recommended. Here you find a couple of small waterfalls and natural pools, with rocks where you can jump off.

Bach Ma National Park

About 30 km to the west from Lang Co is Bach Ma National Park, known for its cool climate. Here, you can do trekking to enjoy the atmosphere of the mountain forests, visiting waterfalls and conquering Bach Ma peak.

How to get there

Lang Co Beach is only 60 km from Hue city, so you can take a motorbike or rent a private car with driver. If you are in Da Nang, the transportation is even easier because it is only 30 km south of Da Nang city. Many Easy Rider tours from Hoi An to Hue also include a stop at this beach.

  • Motorbike: 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND per day per Motorbike. From all options, the motorbike gives you the most freedom to explore, but can only be done if you have enough experience.
  • Easy Rider: The perfect combination of a motorbike experience, but driving safely on the back with a local guide that knows the best places to stop.
  • Private car: A private car with driver is the most comfortable way to go to Lang Co beach and to explore the coastal road. A taxi is also possible, but will cost you probably more for two ways then a private car for a day.
  • Bus: From Hue you can take bus no.7, departing regular from 5:30 AM till 5:00 PM.
  • Train: Lang Co also has it’s own train station; Lang Co train station (Ga Lăng Cô). The train from Da Nang to Lang Co takes 2 hours, but the train ride along Hai Van Pass is very spectacular. The train from Hue to Lang Co takes 2 hour and 45 min. Read more about train travel and booking ticketshere,

Best time to visit

For the best sea and weather conditions you have to come here between April and August. In these summer months the weather is nice, sunny, clear blue sea and cool, with the two hottest months being June and July. The most rain you can expect around October.


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