Top 5 Destination of Cloud Hunting Season in Vietnam

Cloud hunting is a popular trend among travel enthusiasts who are passionate about exploration. The term "cloud hunting" is used to describe the activity of seeking out and experiencing the ethereal beauty of fleeting cloud formations. Standing atop tall mountains and immersing oneself in the presence of fluffy white clouds drifting below is a moment everyone desires to experience at least once in their lifetime. Currently, "cloud hunting" has become a hot trend in the backpacking community. Delve into this article with Asia Pacific Travel, let's review the top most beautiful cloud-hunting destinations in Vietnam, so we can be prepared to embark on these breathtaking adventures.



When it comes to "cloud hunting", Sapa is undoubtedly a renowned destination, celebrated for its breathtaking spectacle of clouds. Sapa's beauty lies not in its vibrancy and liveliness but in its serene atmosphere. Sapa, also known as the "misty town," is renowned for its tranquil mountainous landscape and ethereal sky. When visiting Sapa, you shouldn’t miss the iconic Fansipan peak, standing at 3,143 meters and referred to as the "Roof of Indochina." Standing atop the mountain and looking down, you will be mesmerized by the thick clouds drifting right below your feet, creating a marvelous sensation of being immersed in a magical world. In the past, cloud hunting in Sapa was a challenging journey, but now, with the cable car to the Fansipan summit, you can experience it more easily. Whether you are an avid photographer seeking to capture stunning cloudscapes or simply a wanderer in search of natural beauty, Sapa's cloud-hunting adventure promises to leave an indelible impression on your heart and soul.

fansipanMajestic scenery on Fansipan - Sapa (Lao Cai)


Nestled in Bac Yen district, Son La province, and sharing a border with Yen Bai province, the Ta Xua mountain range is composed of three peaks, with the highest peak reaching an impressive elevation of 2,875 meters. Being the 10th highest peak in Vietnam, Ta Xua has earned the reputation as a renowned tourist destination and is often hailed as the "cloud paradise." Every year, Ta Xua attracts numerous visitors who come to conquer its majestic heights and explore its beauty. It is a must-visit place for cloud enthusiasts. 

The Ta Xua mountain range, also known as Phu Sa Phin, emerges like a slumbering dinosaur within Vietnam's "cloud paradise." Ta Xua offers a picturesque scenery akin to paradise, with its ethereal and wispy soft and delicate clouds gently embracing the mountain peaks, creating an enchanting and dreamlike atmosphere. These awe-inspiring natural wonders make people feel small and insignificant in the face of such grandeur. There are moments of pure magic and wonder, where time and space seem to stand still, and each passing moment becomes serene and tranquil.

Cloud hunting in Ta Xua differs from Sapa, as it requires strategic timing. The ideal time to embark on a perfect adventure in Ta Xua is during the winter and spring seasons, from December to March. 

ta xua - lai chauWitness the enchanting sunrise at Ta Xua - Son La


Y Ty is located at an altitude of over 2000 meters in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, and it is inhabited by the Nhị Hà ethnic minority. The area is covered by misty clouds throughout the year. Apart from being a remarkable place for admiring ripe rice fields, Y Ty is also famous for its unique cloud hunting scenery with a rustic and serene beauty. With its picturesque location near the Nhu Co San mountain range, Y Ty offers a pristine and captivating atmosphere with drifting clouds.

The best time for cloud hunting in Y Ty is from September to April each year. In particular, the peak of Lao Than mountain, known as the "roof of Y Ty," with its vast sea of clouds, is an excellent spot for cloud gazing. During this period, the landscape is truly impressive, as if you are standing on the ninth floor of the clouds. Y Ty, Lao Cai, is an attractive destination for adventurous travelers, both domestically and internationally, especially for young explorers who enjoy conquering challenging roads and mountain passes.

y ty - lao caiA captivating sea of clouds in Y Ty - Lao Cai


As one of the "Four Great Mountain Passes " in Northern Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng is certainly on the list of the most impressive cloud hunting spots. At Ma Pi Leng, it feels like you're riding on clouds along the roads amidst the magnificent mountainous scenery. By conquering towering passes like Heaven's Gate, Can Ty, you will be able to admire a breathtaking view where clouds fly beneath your feet, your hair dances in the mountain wind. From above, you can glimpse the winding and ethereal mountain passes in the billowing sea of clouds. As you ascend higher, you'll see clouds spread everywhere, as if stepping into a magical realm. To capture the captivating clouds, it is recommended to hunt for clouds at the peak of Ma Pi Leng from late July to early August.

In addition to cloud hunting, visiting Ma Pi Leng allows you to explore famous tourist attractions such as the Quan Ba Twin Mountain - Fairy Mountain and the Flag Tower of Lung Cu. Traveling to Ma Pi Leng not only offers the opportunity to admire the majestic mountainous scenery but also provides insights into the local traditions, culture, and history. 

ma pi leng - ha giangMarvel at the cloudy skies atop Ma Pi Leng - Ha Giang


Alongside the top destinations in the Northern region, Da Lat, situated in the southern Central region, is also a captivating place that entices visitors with its refreshing weather and breathtaking natural scenery. Dalat is famous for its peaceful scenery with mist and calmness. In recent years, people no longer flock to Dalat just to seek a peaceful and romantic life, but this land also offers visitors magical experiences that are rare to find elsewhere. One of these experiences is "cloud hunting." In Dalat, it is easy to hunt for clouds, which are majestic and beautiful, not inferior to the Northwestern mountainous region. What could be more wonderful than standing gracefully on a hill early in the morning, surrounded by dew, with a sea of clouds gently flowing through every leaf, every forest, and capturing the entire romantic natural scenery within reach?

The cloud hunting spots in Dalat are not too far from the city center, making transportation relatively convenient. Some popular spots where young people often take check-in photos with flowing clouds include Trai Mat, Hon Bo, Cau Dat Farm, Lac Duong, and more. The cloud hunting journey in Dalat is often combined with visits to other attractions within the city.

da lat - lam dongCloud Hunting in Da Lat - Lam Dong

In conclusion, this article hopes the details provided in this post have been helpful to you in your travel planning. For more advice, please feel free/ do not hesitate to contact Asia Pacific Travel through email to explore current promotions and packages. 

Let's embark on planning your unforgettable trip to Vietnam.


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