Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai beach is about 5 km from the Center of Hoi An ancient town. The first impression of this beach are white sand and clear water. There are many high – end resorts with many styles along the beach. The air is very fresh and mild, creating a sense of relaxation, comfort for visitors.

As the sun rises, visitors can open the window and overlooking the sea to welcome a new day. Afternoon is the ideal time for visitors to immerse themselves in the cool blue water. The waves patted on the body to create the feeling of pleasure, extremely pleasant.

Many couples choose Cua Dai and Hoi An for their honeymoon. On the road, you can see the twin bicycles running along the shady coconut lines. Living in the comfort of the resort of Cua Dai, they relax through the sweet moments together. Morning sunrise or sunset on the beach is romantic and perfect time for any honeymoon holiday.



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