Yen Bai

Yen Bai
Yen Bai is a province in the midland and mountainous region of northern Vietnam. Highlights Attractions in Yen Bai: -Mu Cang Chai: Mu Cang Chai is famous for its beautiful terraces, spread from Tu Le to Khau Phuc, La Pan Tan, Cu Cong. Take a look from a high view, you will see this place wearing a green coat of new harvest, young shoots dotting in the middle of bright peach blossoms. -Muong Lo paddy field: Muong Lo is considered as the second largest field of the majestic northwestern mountains. Famous for "ban" flowers, Muong Lo rice, five-color sticky rice, Brocade and especially Thai dance. -Coming to Thac Ba Lake, tourists are not only immersed in the great natural scenery with 1,331 big and small islands but you're also enjoyed the natural masterpieces of nature with majestic mountains and caves. -Ngoi Tu cultural village: With its own characteristics, Ngoi Tu attracts visitors not only by having a beautiful location: one part is land and the other half adjoins with the immense lake but also gathering typical cultural traditional values of Dao, Cao Lan, Nung ethnic groups. Cuisine in Yen Bai: the most of Yen Bai specialties associate with agriculture here. Some prominent...
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