Lang Son

Lang Son
Lang Son is far away 180km from Hanoi, you can visit Lang Son any time of a year. Historical sites which you have to visit are: Chi Lang, Mac Dynasty Gate, Bac Le temple to learn about the history in war time of Viet Nam. Besides, you need to visit “Mau Son peak mountain”, “Nhi Thanh Cave”, “Budda Mountain” and 4 famous markets: Tan Thanh, Dong Dang, Ky Dong, Dong Kinh. Lang Son is a shopping paradise in the North East of Vietnam. As it is close to the Chinese border, the merchandise here is very diverse, many types of models and prices are also very cheap. In Lang Son, there are many delicious dishes, and partly influenced by China's cuisine      
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Things to see in Lang Son

Lang Son city

Located 180km northeast of Ha Noi, you can go to Lang Son at any time of the year. Nhi Thanh cave; Tam Thanh Cave, Mac Dynasty citadel, Chi Lang Pass, To Thi Mountain... are the must - see places when you visit this city.  Lang Son is a famous shopping paradise in the North East of Vietnam. Being located close to the Chinese border, the goods here are very diverse and the price is also very cheap. The most three most visited markets are Tan Thanh Market, Dong Dang Market and Dong Kinh Market. Lang Son also has many delicious specialties, and partly influenced by Chinese cuisine.

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