CamThanh village

CamThanh village

Located 5km from Hoi An’s Old Town, Cam Thanh Village is a village of 30ha nipa palm forest. Once a local shelter for people in war times, the village now is a favorite destination for Hoi An's visitors.

Whoever comes to Cam Thanh village for the first time, the impression which is hard to fade most certainly the forest of hundreds of hectares of coconut near Cua Dai beach. Cam Thanh coconut forest is not only the green lung of the ancient town of Hoi An, but also the ecological area of mangrove water, which is rich in botanical and brackish water.

It can be said that for all visitors, especially foreign tourists, it is very interesting to have a chance to visit this eco village, to do farming, pick vegetables, go fishing, do the transplanting and even ride buffalo in the field.

Cam Thanh - The village of water coconuts. Now, along with Hoi An is the most favorite destination for tourist, Cam Thanh is getting more famous as an extra, eco-tourism option along lantern villages, silk goods, timber furniture and pottery of the quaint town Hoi An. Visitors can pedal along 5km of winding flat roads around the tranquil village, and get away from the major tourism hub of Hoi An. Under the shades of nipa palms, visitors can explore the wetland ecological system in coracles, the ever traditional means of moving around or natives, crafted of woven bamboo. Joining some hand-on activities such as farming or fishing will make such an interesting day for visitors.

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