Ha Giang

Ha Giang
Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the north of Vietnam, attracting tourists e because of the limestone karst, legendary Dong Van Plateau along the Lo River, winding roads, picturesque terraces, Vuong palace, Binh Lam pagoda, Dong Van ancient quarter and love market for alone people. Tourists will be able to see the rocky highlands with the most spectacular scenery of Vietnam, the majestic Ma Pi Leng Pass and Nho Que - the deepest chasm of Vietnam. Discovering the cultural beauty of H 'Mong, Dzao, Lo Lo, Tay tribe... Visit Lung Cu Flag Tower, the northernmost point of the country, discover the unique local cuisine. Ha Giang is a place where has many unique cultural products from the long tradition of more than 20 ethnic groups, a memorable tourist destination by its the natural landscape and people. Unlike any other tourist destinations in Vietnam, coming to Ha Giang, you can see the products crystallized from the unique cultural traditions of mountainous people, which are embroidered towels, cloth bags, dresses with brilliant patterns. Tourists will be attended the highland market with poetic features: new house celebration of the Lo Lo ethnic group, Spring Festival, Mong eth...
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