Sa Huynh Beach

Sa Huynh Beach

Sa Huynh Beach is situated in Pho Thanh Commune, Duc Pho District, 60km south of Quang Ngai City. It has been known as an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists for ages.

Sa Huynh Sea is famous for its blue water, abundant shrimp, fish, beautiful coral reefs and small islands creating a beautiful painting. Local people rely on the shape of each small island that named: Hon Bep island, Hon Du island, Hon Ong island, Hon Son island...

Sa Huynh is a beautiful beach, famous as an important salt basin in Central Vietnam. Sa Huynh beach is close to National Highway 1A, at km 985, there is Sa Huynh train station; so that from Hanoi to or from Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can stop here. That’s very convenient.

The beach stretches to 5-6 km in crescent shape. The seabed slopes gently without reefs that can be the ideal beach for summer vacation, leisure activities and bathing. In addition, there are also attractions such as Chau Me rapids, Monkey Island ... attracting tourists on weekends and holidays.

Coming to Sa Huynh, you will be enjoyed the fresh air of the sea, the windy beach, the harmony in nature to dispel all fatigue and worry of life to have the great holidays.

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