Flower garden

Flower garden

Da Lat has been known as the “home” of thousand flowers for ages. Dalat Flower Garden is the convergence of hundreds and thousands beautiful flowers.

The garden is located next to Xuan Huong lake, on Ba Huyen Thanh Quan street, ward 8, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province.

Dalat Flower Garden was built in 1966, and in 1985, it was restored to grow new flowers. Flower garden with an area of about 15ha very unique and eye-catching. The entrance to the flower garden is truly impressive with arches of flowers, assembled by hundreds of flower pots. Step into the flower garden, in front, behind and the two sides, the flower is everywhere. Along the two sides of the walkway are water spray system, sometimes there are carriages full of flowers, arranged very random, creating a strange space. There are over 300 species of flowers, including hundreds of species of flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, orchids, rhombus, mimosa ... blooming year round. Especially, this natural museum houses a garden of orchids and a garden of thousands cactus from Africa. The park also has a huge cactus garden, with ones up to 50 cm in diameter. To have this huge cactus garden, it is a whole process of looking after and finding seeds from distant Africa.

In addition to the rare species of flowers, visitors have the leisure time to play sports such as: Swimming, diving ... Coming to Da Lat, missing the flower garden is the regret of visitors.

The best time to see the vast charming attractiveness of this Dalat “speciality” is in winter season, especially in December and January when the Flower Festival is held.

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