Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang Cave is located in Trung Trang valley. It’s about 15 km to the northwest of Cat Ba town. Visitors almost bend their back along the journey on discovery the cave more than 300 meters in length. Passing over millions of years of geological tectonics, this cave has thousands of natural stalactites with unique shapes, evoking imagination for visitors.

Going to the cave more than 100 meters, visitors will reach a compartment with twinkle stalactites. Here, there are stalactites in shapes of a crown, a strip of brocade, and 3 Gods: Phuc – Loc - Tho ... Local people call this cave is "warehouse, treasure."

Trung Trang cave having an ecosystem in mysterious darkness, living spot of many species of creatures such as bats, birds, insects and reptiles. The lighting system is very limited to preserve the characteristics of the ecological environment in the cave. The dim space has helped visitors have an enjoyable experience.

At the end of the journey of discovering Trung Trang cave is the creeper door with many shapes as the great sculptures of creator. From here, visitors will step into a green space with thousands of trees and vines. In the Trung Trang cave area, there is also Kim Giao forest with beautiful nature, valuable economic and scientific research.

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