Ba Be lake

Ba Be lake

Ba Be Lake is 230 kilometres from Hanoi where has the harmony of mountains, rivers, and cool climate.

Hiring a boat to enjoy the scenery of the largest natural lake in Vietnam. What could be better than travel in clear blue water, touch the cool water and breathe in the fresh air that you never find in the hustle and bustle cities.

Do not forget to visit some tourist attractions near the lake such as the “Puong cave” with multiform amazing stalactites or “Fairy pond” which is 100 meters away from Ba Be Lake and full of water all year.

If you have the opportunity, let overnight to experience the homestays of “Pac Ngoi village” to get into the life of indigenous people, living closer to the natural space of the mountains.

Ba Be will make you utter words of wonder and amaze eyes by the majesty of this place.

Ba Be trekking 3 days

3 days 2 nights

Cao Bang Trekking 15 days

15 days 14 nights
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