Roluos Temple

Roluos Temple

The Roluos Group refers to a collection of four Angkor-era monuments, which are not located within the main Angkor Park, but instead near a small town named Roluos, 12km east of Siem Reap. The monuments are named Bakong, Preah Ko, Lolei, and Prei Monti.

So it is interesting to see the three temples that are hundreds of years older than the great ‘Temple City’ (which was built around the early 1100s).

The buildings of the Roluos Group are distinguished by tall square-shaped brick towers on pedestals. The open to the east, with false doors on the other three sides. As is typical of this period, brick was used for the towers and sandstone for carved areas such as columns, lintels and decorative niches.

A wall originally enclosed the temples though only traces remain today. It was intersected on two or more sides by an entry tower, an innovation of this period, of perhaps slightly earlier. The early examples were square with a tiered upper portion. The library also made also appearance at Roluos. It is a rectangular building with a curved roof and pediments. A temple often has two libraries, one on each side of the entry tower preceding the Central Sanctuary.

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