Quang Tri

Quang Tri
Quang Tri tourism increasingly attracts tourists because it possesses a series of historic and meaningful landmarks & relics. Prominent tourist attractions in Quang Tri: Dakrong Landmark is a common name for an area of majestic, lyrical scenery of the mountainous region of western Quang Tri. Ben Hai River and Hien Luong Bridge: The Hien Luong Bridge dividing the bank of Ben Hai River into two parts has become a historical evidence of the glorious and heroic struggle but difficult of Vietnamese. Truong Son Martyrs' Cemetery: This is the largest national martyr's cemetery collecting tombs of people who dedicated and built the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail. Con Co is not only a famous island in the war against the US, Con Co is one of the rare beautiful island of the Central. Cua Tung beach attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches, smooth white sand and historical landmarks such as the 17th parallel. Lao Bao border gate: a famous international border gate of Vietnam, where visitors have the opportunity to participate in doing shopping at Lao Bao border gate, located on Highway 9 from Dong Ha to Laos, about 8 km from Dong Ha town. Quang Tri has a lot of specialties, such...
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