Phan Rang

Phan Rang
Phan Rang is a city in Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam. The climate is very dry and probably the driest place in Vietnam. Conversely, nature has given this land a beautiful long coastline with beautiful white sands and amazing coral reefs. At a distance of 40 km through the beautiful boulevard with one side is the sea and the other side is green forest, visitors will reach “Vinh Hy beach” or you can discover one of the most pristine beaches in Central land – Ninh Chu beach. Experience the life of the nomad in the space of colourful dream and peace. Camping on the vast green grassland in the middle of the mountain and watching sheep flock will help you have a memorable trip at “An Hoa Sheep area”. The culture of Phan Rang is belong with “Temple of Po Klong Garai”. This is the place of pilgrimage of Cham people on the occasion of Kate festival in every October. “Bau Truc pottery village” - the oldest pottery village in Southeast Asia is also worth of spending time on visiting to learn traditional pottery making techniques. Known as a hot area with many deserted places, Phan Rang owns many sand dunes and beautiful plains. Two of...
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Things to see in Phan Rang

Pokrongarai Cham Tower

Pokrongarai Cham Tower is located on Trau Hill, in Do Vinh Ward, 9 km to the northwest of Phan Rang - Cham Towers, built in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. Po Klong Garai is the common name for a cluster of Cham towers and the most beautiful remaining in Vietnam, worshiping King Po Klong Garai. This architectural monument was classified by the Ministry of Culture as national monument relic in 1979 and was ranked by the Prime Minister as special national monuments. Po Klong Garai Tower is a complex of three towers: the main tower (20.5m in height), the fire tower (9.31m in height...

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