Y Linh Ho

Y Linh Ho

Located about 7 km to the southwest of Sapa town, next to Muong Hoa stream. Y Linh Ho is a commune consisting of many small populated villages scattered on serious harsh mountainous terrain with high and steep mountains.

Only a few hundreds Black H'mong ethnic people live in this commune. They built raw houses to live and plant corn and rice on the sloping hillside. The only way to get to the commune is to walk from the main road. This is also a place where you will begin your journey to discover the mysterious beauty of Muong Hoa valley and learn about the life of the villagers near Sapa.

For ages, at the foot of Hoang Lien majestic mountains, Y Linh Ho is always a highlight on Muong Hoa stream. From the beginning of the source of silver waterfall, Muong Hoa brings water to fill the rice fields; bring fish and shrimp to feed people. And now, the romantic beauty of Muong Hoa stream is contributing to make Y Linh Ho more attractive in the heart of visitors.

The beauty of Y Linh Ho valley is adorned with green mixed gold of terraced rice field and corn field, imposing mountain coved by bushy plants and the fabulous white mixed blue clouds on sky. Take a walk around to admire the wonderful scenery here, sometime you can hear the sound of local people's singing or chicken’s crow from somewhere you do not know exactly. It is truly a great chance to take some photos.

Although Y Linh Ho is not a common place to have overnight because of lack of homestay, visitors still feel welcome with warm smile of friendly ethnic people here.

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