Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa valley is located in Hau Thao commune, 8 km from Sa Pa town to the Southeast of Vietnam - like a pearl hiding behind the mist for those who love nature, plants looking for.

What is special in this valley is the ancient rock with various carvings, interlacing between the grass and the terraced fields of the ethnic minority. Hundreds of sandstone carved with strange characters and patterns that have not been identified source and meaning so far. Stretching over 4 km long, 2 km in width with at least 159 stones, containing many mysterious figures, rocks used to the focus of research of many Vietnamese, Russian, French and Australian scientists.

Today, this ancient rock reef has been classified as a national monument, a unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese.

Beside the magnificent mountains and jungle, here you will admire the Muong Hoa stream about 15 km in length, stretching through Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hao Thao commune and ending in Ban Ho village.

Muong Hoa is inhabited by many ethnic groups such as H'Mong, Ta Van, Tay … Coming here, visitors will have a break, eat, chat and participate in community cultural activities (dancing, singing) of them. This is a great way for you to truly understand the culture and life of ethnic minority people in the Northern Mountains.

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