Lao Chai - Ta Van

Lao Chai - Ta Van

Lao Chai - Ta Van is inhabited by ethnic minority people, about 7km from the center of Sapa town. If there are no electric poles to bring light to the village, there is no paved road leading to the village, this place is the "characteristic" of the Mong, Dao, Giay, Tay people ... With more modern facilities, indigenous people still retain their traditional culture and traditions. It is also attracting to domestic and foreign visitors.

Lao Chai - Ta Van is located under the valley, the two sides are Hoang Lien Son and Ham Rong majestic mountains, surrounded by terraces at the lower level. Every harvest season (April and September every year), the whole village warms with the natural color of the rice. This is also a time for traveling to Sapa in general and Lao Chai - Ta Van in particular by the desire to see a rice field with nine golden steps, each of which makes us feel lost in the scene ... Ta Van Village has a diverse system of folklore including fairy tales, riddles, and proverbs. This is also a place of many traditional festivals such as Tet holidays in January and July, full moon festivals in May and August, etc.

To understand the life of the people here you should spend one night in the village, enjoy the dishes cultivated from the hands of hard-working people in the northwest highlands. Homestay is a kind of a special tourism service in Ta Van Village in which tourists will live with local residents in their house. Arriving in the village, many tidy and clean houses hang a signboard "Homestay", which are always ready to welcome tourists. That would be an unforgettable experience in your life.

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