Kon Tum

Kon Tum
  Kon Tum is in the Central Highland of Viet Nam. Kon Tum attracts tourists by natural landscapes combined with cultural traditions. You can spend time visiting monuments and historical buildings like “Kon Tum Cathedral” – a symbol of Kon Tum in particular and Central Highland in general, “Kon Tum prison” – where detained the soldiers during war time or “Dak Victory Monument”. Besides, you also immerse yourself into beautiful nature, cultural places like “Kon K’lor communal house” - a symbol of solidarity and community strength. After that, you can leisurely walk on the suspension bridge with the same name, watching the water flow, children diving in the water. Taking your eyes focus on the thousands of cane fields, wild beauty of the land has not been industrialized. These specialities also bring the soul of the Central Highlands forests, the essence of each peoples. Each visitors will be eager to enjoy all food here.  
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Things to see in Kon Tum

Kon Tum

Kon Tum has borders with Laos and Cambodia, so it is also known "Indochina Crossroad". This place is not only deeply impressed by roaring crow in Indochina but also by majestic scenery, unique culture and simple- hearted people. There are many tourist attraction here like Kon Tum wood Church, Kon K'lor communal house, or Kon Tum prison... to discover special features.   

Kon KTu village

Kon K'tu village is the residence of Ba Na ethnic people. Coming here, visitor can admire original cultural features, with traditional soaring roof of the Bana communal house or ancient stilt house. Besides, you also have a chance to enjoy the performance of gongs combined with dance from girls in Konktu village. Experience overnight at comunual house at this village is worth trying when visiting this place. Friendly as cozy atmosphere is always surround you during stay here. 

Dakbla River

Dakbla River will bring the serene feeling for any tourists when coming here. Sitting on a dug- out, you not only release your soul with the gentle flow of water but also have a chance to admire moving beauty. Dawn, sunset or in the night, the river still possesses moving beauty. 
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