Tu Duc tomb

Tu Duc tomb

Tu Duc Tomb, also known as Khiem Lang, is a historical relic in the imperial capital of Hue, the burial place of the Nguyen Emperor Tu Duc (Nguyen Phuc Hong Nham).

Tu Duc Tomb is one of the most beautiful buildings of the Nguyen Dynasty. Mausoleum is located in a narrow valley of Duong Xuan Thuong village, Cu Chanh (now is Thuong Ba village, Thuy Xuan commune, Hue city).

Overall view of Tu Duc Tomb is as a large park. Here, the streams flow and the birds sing during the year. The element that is fully respected in Tu Duc Tomb is the harmony of the lines. It looks like the illusion of a scenic park, packed with lakes, hills, pavilios amidst the lushness of frangipani trees and grove of pines. It’s surrounded by a solid octagonal wall. A few notable sites in the temple area inside the tomb can be listed as Luu Khiem Lake, Tinh Khiem Island, Xung Khiem Pavilion, Hoa Khiem Temple (which commemorated the King and the Queen). As the tomb also functions as a home away from home, there is even a royal theatre inside the complex, named Minh Khiem Duong. The theatre is a reflection of Tu Duc’s poetic soul, with the ceiling carved with stars, clouds, crescent moon and sky.

The distribution of parts and layout of buildings in each area of Tu Duc Tomb undermined the tradition of preserving classical symmetry in some other tombs.

Tu Duc Tomb is a wonderful poem, a charming painting, evoking a "romantic soul" for visitors (une douce rêve).

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