Thanh Ha pottery village

Thanh Ha pottery village

Thanh Ha pottery Village is located by the Thu Bon river, Cam Ha ward, 3km to the west of the ancient quarter Hoi An.

Thanh Ha pottery village in Hoi An is nearly 500 years old. It’s the invaluable cultural values that was formed on this land and famous for durable and beautiful pottery products.

Particularly, since 2015, the Thanh Ha Bricks Park (also known as Thanh Ha Pottery Park or Thanh Ha Pottery Museum) has been officially put into operation with an area of over 6.000m2. Made up of bricks and earthenware, it’s rated as the largest and the most "unique" of the Vietnam today, regularly organizing special exhibitions.

Visiting Thanh Ha pottery village is an opportunity for visitors to understand more about the traditional craft, observe the pottery production process through the skillful hands of artisans in the village. Moreover, you can also manually create the products on your imagination, as well as buy the original ceramic products. Today Thanh Ha potters still use traditional methods. They use their foot to spin the potter’s wheel when shaping a lump of clay.

Especially, since the UNESCO recognized Hoi An ancient town as "World Cultural Heritage", Thanh Ha pottery village has become a destination to attract domestic and foreign tourists, pottery products also developed themselves to create more and more fine yields.

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