Reunification Hall

Reunification Hall

Independence Palace (formerly called Norodom Palace, now called Reunification Palace or Reunification Hall) is a work of architecture, buildings in Ho Chi Minh City.

Reunification Hall is located on a 15ha land in the heart of the city. The work is not only bold in time and history but it’s also poetic and romantic....

Currently, the Reunification Palace is a meeting place of the Government, where welcomes the Heads of State and is a national historical-cultural relic that is popular with domestic and foreign visitors.

Entering the Palace, we will see all the architectural lines are distributed in a reasonable and harmonious style. Each room displays pictures of the river, country and people of Vietnam.

The Reunification Palace has five levels. The basement features tunnels, a war room and telecommunications center. The war command room has original maps on its walls. Period telecommunications equipment are also on display. Its adjoining basement rooms display war propaganda materials. On the third floor, there's a card playing room while the fourth houses a casino. Reunification Palace's rooftop terrace is fitted with a heliport. Today, it's a must-visit for tourists in Ho Chi Minh City.

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