Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan is one of the largest markets in Hanoi, Vietnam; is the largest market in Hanoi Old Quarters. It has existed for hundreds of years since the Nguyen feudal Dynasty.

The market is a building with 5 arches, covering over an area of over 6,500 square meters. Like all other Vietnamese markets, Dong Xuan market is divided into a variety of commodities such as clothing, children's toys, household articles and Vietnamese fabrics with many traditional patterns… . Main products include electronic devices, household equipment and clothing. At the back of the market is the trading place for animals (puppies, kitties, birds, fish, etc.) and plants (mostly Vietnamese bonsai). Suppliers for the market come mainly from North Vietnam with many Chinese blends. These stalls will have more suitable goods to buy as gifts, more souvenirs for visitors. Remember not to skip the street food while walking around the market.

Recently, Dong Xuan Market has also opened the night market, the meeting market on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the streets around the market.

The Northern end of the market holds mainly eating venue, serving both day and night time. It is a wise decision to stop here for local cuisines such as “Bun Cha”, “Bun Rieu” or chipping in a hot pot in a fall/winter night.

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