Sung Sot cave

Sung Sot cave

Sung Sot cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam  - Situated in the heart of the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay, within the island Bo Hon Island.

This is the largest and most beautiful cave of Ha Long Bay. The road to Sung Sot cave under the foliage, the cliff, visitors get both the fun of climbersa and excited as going to the heaven. The walls are almost perfectly smooth as if it was built by man. The walls generate a variety of colors that blend with the setting of the area.

The cave is divided into two main compartments, the whole of which is as a big theater. The ceiling is covered with a layer of "carpet of velvet", countless "chandeliers" with glittering stones, stone statues, of elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers ... All seem to be moving in a fantasy world as real as a dream. Step into the second compartment with a small path. A light burst into the glow, the cave opens a new scene, completely different. The capacity of this large compartment can up to thousands of people, right next to the entrance of a stone horse and a long sword. Going into the cave, there are many strange things, such as stalactites, banyan trees, leafy bears, sea bears, dinosaurs … At the highest point of the cave, a garden suddenly opens in front of our eyes with clear lake, romantic mountain rivers scenery, many species of plants and birds live together. Legend has it, that after having defeated the An aggressors, Thanh Giong (the Saint Giong) helped the population to chase away evil spirits and demons. After this feat, Saint Giong flew to heaven, leaving a stone horse and sword to continue to keep the demons away.

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