Dong Thap

Dong Thap
Dong Thap is a province in the South West of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. This is an ideal place for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The best time to visit this pink lotus land is on the occasion of Lunar New Year to feel the brilliant colors of Sa Dec flower gardens or floating season (from July to August lunar calendar). Arrived here, visitors cannot ignore the racy destinations like “Retic of Xeo Quyt”, “Retic of Nguyen Sinh Sac”, “the ancient house Huynh Thuy Le”, “Tram Chim national park”, lotus tourist area or pagodas with unique architecture. Sa Giang shrimp cake, Nhi Sen tea, Lai Vung noodle, tangerine, Cat Hoa Loc mango are specific gifts that tourists can give their family and friends.
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Things to see in Dong Thap

Cao Lanh

Cao Lanh is a city of Dong Thap province. Coming here, you visit the “Do Cao Tuong temple” to listen to the story of the kindness and merit of the husband and wife Do Cao Tuong. Nguyen Sinh Sac Tomb -far away 1 km from Cao Lanh City is also a remarkable place to remember the venerable leader of Vietnam. Every year, on October 27th of lunar month, there is an anniversary of Uncle Ho death in the solemn way.

Tram Chim Bird Sanctuary

Visiting Tram Chim bird sanctuary, you will see lush mangrove forests and hear songs performed by thousands of birds. This place has beautiful natural scenery and rare red crane - famous for its enchanting dance. You will have the opportunity to sit on the canoe, weave through the green canals and watch many kinds of birds which hover in the sky to find their prey. Besides, the canoe will take you to admire the beauty of the lotus fields which are rising in the sun. Let release your soul in the gentle breeze, feel the proximity to nature and see peace of your mind.       &n...

Xeo Quyt

Xeo Quyt is the unique destination which leaves much impression for visitors in Dong Thap province. It is a combination of visiting historical monument and ecotourism. You will feel a beauty of green natural scenery, subsequently diving into the wild nature with diversity of floral and animals. There are two ways of visiting this tourist attraction. If you like to wander under the canopy of trees, walking will be the perfect choice. If not, you can experience by sitting on the boat and slowly weave through the small canals to explore the entire site. After that, you can learn how to knit house...
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