Open tours

Joining in Viet Nam Open tour- Group tour, you will not only save the money but also have change to meet and communicate with many new people.

Viet Nam Open Tour

Viet Nam Open Tour

22 days 21 nights
Ha Noi

If you are wondering about a complete Vietnam tour, let's consider the package described below. This extended tour includes visits to all highlighted destinations in the S strip. Joining the tour, you will travel by rail, boat, and bus. You will also led by our professional and humorous tour guide who can speak English, French fluently and other languages maybe available upon your request and group size. Dream of authentic Viet Nam? Please contact us. We offer a wide variety of mini-excursions, package tours, and custom trips. Besides, for many years working in fields of tourism and hospitality, we are experts in getting the best deals for accommodations and travel all over Viet Nam. Let us do the work so you can relax and enjoy your trip!...

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