Truong Sanh Palace

The palace was begun to be built in the year of the first Minh Mang (1821) with the original name was Truong Ninh Palace. The original structure was in the shape of kanji - “TAM”, consisting of a central palace, a front palace, a back tower and some other surrounding buildings. In the sixth reign of Thieu Tri (1846), Truong Ninh palace was renovated, its architecture was upgraded in scale. The main architectural axis is in the shape of the “Wang” - kanji, in which Tho Khang palace is placed in the middle, Ngu Dai Dong Duong is placed in front, and Van Phuc tower is the last. These three buildings are connected by a seamless corridor.

Around this architecture, there are many other structures. In front is Ngu Dai Dong Duong house with Phuong Mon. Behind Van Phuc tower, there are some fake mountains such as Bao Son Mountain, Kinh Ngu Mountain, Hon Ton Mountain ... Around the palace, it has Dao Nguyen creek connecting to Kim Thuy Lake in the north. On the creek, there are bridges painted in red to pass through.

Truong Ninh Palace originally was served as a flower garden and where the Nguyen Kings often invited their mother to visit. At the end of the Nguyen Dynasty, the palace also became a living place for some queens such as Le Thien (wife of Emperor Tu Duc), Tu Minh (wife of King Duc Duc), Tien Cung (the wife of King Dong Khanh) ...

In 1923, King Khai Dinh rebuilt the Palace, renamed into Truong Sanh and built two parking buildings in front, near the entrance of the palace.

So far, through time and historical changes, Truong Sanh architecture has changed and a lot of parts have been seriously degraded. However, in the heyday, Truong Sanh Palace was ranked by King Thiệu Trị as the seventh of the landscapes of the citadel land.

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