Gia Long tomb

Gia Long tomb (also known as Thien Tho tomb) is located on the mountain of Thien Tho as well the resting place of the first king of the Nguyen Dynasty. The tomb lies along the Huong River, so you can take a boat on the Huong River, then dock at Kim Ngoc and take a short walk to visit the tomb.

The mausoleum was begun to be built in 1814 and was completed in 1820. The entire tomb zone is a group of mountain with 42 large hills and mountains, including Thien Tho Palace is the largest mountain selected as position of the tomb as well as the name of this zone.
Gia Long Tomb is one of the seven tombs of Hue, which possesses wonderful natural features that are no less harmonious with mountains, rivers and grasses, creating a majestic and serene space.

Location : Hương Thọ, Hương Trà, Thừa Thiên Huế

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