Dien Tho Palace

Dien Tho Palace is located in the west of the Forbidden City, north of Phung Tien palace and in the south of Truong Sanh palace, Dien Tho Palace is considered the la0rgest scale royal palace architecture in Hue Imperial City.

The Dien Tho Palace was built in April 1804 to make the living of Queen Hieu Khang- the mother of Gia Long, and Diên Thọ Palace (named Truong Tho at that time) which was restored by the following kings as Minh Mang, Tu Duc, Thanh Thai, Khai Dinh renamed many times to become the residence of many emperor’s mothers under the Nguyen Dynasty. After the fall of the Nguyen Dynasty in 1945, although many of the buildings in the Citadel were heavily damaged or disappeared, the entire campus of Dien Tho Palace was still intact and one of the attractions of Hue.

According to the experience of Hue tourism, visiting Dien Tho Palace - The famous architectural works with the area of about 17,500 m2 and in which 10 buildings are arranged in a rectangular shape is about 100m wide, nearly 150m long, high overhead.

The main building is located in the middle for the resting place and living room of the mother of the king. Here, now there are only Dien Tho palace, Tho Ninh palace, Ta Truong Du, Phuoc Tho temple, Tinh Minh tower, but not intact. Let's find out some of the below:

Tho Ninh palace is located about 20m from Dien Tho Palace, which is used for the second mother of the king. The architectural land of Tho Ninh is only as half as of Dien Tho palace: the architecture is simple but high and cool. Tho Ninh palace connected to the royal palace by two corridors on the courtyard. Previously, Ninh Tho has structure with 7 compartments - two roofs, but in the "renovation" in 1930, it had only three compartments – two roofs.

Ta Truong Du is located in the east of the two beyond buildings. This is a house located on a rectangular lake with a length of 28m, a width of 20m and was built in 1849. Ta Truong Du is located just the north of the lake and facing to the south. The architectural plan of the building is half of the lake. The first part is Luong Phong. Floors are decorated with floral tiles, wooden walls, and many windows around. The interior furniture is decorated with many beautiful carving pictures. Around the building, banisters hug the narrow path. In front, crossing the temple is a small bridge connecting the southern shore of the lake. The two sides of the lake is a full set of Hòn Non Bộ which included stones, plants, little figures, waterfall and aquarium. These are lovely buildings, artificial landscapes for the Queen - mother of the king as a summerhouse...

 Phuoc Tho temple is symmetrical with Ta Truong Du, the other side of Cung Dien Tho and Ninh Thach Ninh Phu Phu Tho is also known as Khuong Ninh stairs because it has two floors. This is a temple to worship Buddha and holy.

In the past, Tinh Minh was in the two sides of front yard of Dien Tho palace, there were two houses that were symmetrical. On the left is Ta Tra, on the right side of Thong Nhat hall (theater). In 1927, Thong Minh hall was demolished to renovate a modern-style building for King Bao Dai's mother. All interior decoration of the building is Western style.

Visitors to Hue who want to learn about the famous historical sites in this ancient capital should not miss Dien Tho Palace.

Dien Tho palace is considered as one of the famous historical attractions to a wide range of tourists including in the early spring festival.

Address : 75 Lê Huân, Phú Hậu, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế

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