Trong – Mai Islet

Referring to the island of Trong-Mai Islet, people often think of the islet of Trong -Mai in Sam Son beach. But those who have travelled to Ha Long Bay will surely remember the island of special shape like a couple of chicken because this is a symbol of Vietnamese tourism in general and of Ha Long Bay in particular.

From Bai Chay pier to the southwest, through Rocky Dog Islet, Lu Huong mount, you will have the opportunity to see the image of Trong – Mai Islet. According to the experts, the name of the Trong - Mai or Fighting Cock Rock is called by the fishermen or tourists which relies on the shape of the island, the name was passed down and gradually became familiar. The types of art photography, paintings, poetry about Ha Long Bay don’t have a united way to call.

Between the immense waves, two chickens: a big rooster and a large hen are spreading their wings to fight each other. From the water, the height of each chicken over 10m, "rising" from the bottom of the blue water with small "feet" ,seemingly just a few waves fluttering, that giant body can fall down anytime. However, for over the millions of years, although the islet has been eroded over time, but the pair of chicken has been inseparable as challenging with the years and the nature.

The name "Trong- Mai" evokes the image of male and female with love and cohesion. The beautifully shaped stone blocks associated with the legend of a loyal love. The image of the island has become a symbol of the desire for happiness that ancient people have cleverly put into the sea island here.

With the meaning and value of art, so many artists have exploited the image of Fighting Cock Rocks island in many aspects to inspire their writing with the desire through these small products, the image of Ha Long Bay and Vietnam tourism will be advertised all over the world.

If you have the opportunity to travel Halong Bay - one of the seven natural wonders of the New World, do not forget to admire one of the natural beautiful products this place.

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