Titop Island

Titop Island is located in Ha Long Bay, in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, about 7 - 8 km to the Bai Chay Tourist Port in the Southeast. Ti Top issland has a crescent-shaped sandy beach. There are four seasons in which the tide is washed the sand white. In the late 19th century, the island was named Cat Nang. On November 22, 1962, President Ho Chi Minh and astronauts Gierek Man Ti Top to visit the island. To commemorate that trip, President Ho has named the island Ti Top Island. It’s an island with steep slopes, an inclined shore with a white sandy beach.

At the foot of the island is a beach with the shape of a full moon embracing the island, small sandy beach but very clear and quiet, clean and green in for seasons. Tourist cruises often visit here to get ashore for a swim or climb up a half-deck tower and another at the top of the mountain for a scenic view from above. At present, there is a bar at the beach, swimming clothes for rent, fresh water, and motorbike rental service. Fresh water is transported from the mainland by the Gulf Coast Administration.

Nowadays, Titop Island is a favorite destination attracting many visitors to bathing, conquering Mount Titop, admire the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay from above. If you want to visit and stay here, just book the tour overnight on the bay with the journey 2 days or 3 days or some 1 day tours in 6 hours.

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