Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Cave is located in the north of Dau Go Island, 4 km from the tourist port of the island. It is one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long thanks to the wide area; there are many compartments with countless stalactites and limestone bearing strange shapes.

Thien Cung cave is located near Dau Go cave, the door cave is at the height of 25m. This is the most beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay that people know. The area of 10,000m2 with very complicated structure, consisting of many compartments with high and wide ceilings and walls. Especially in the cave, we also see a lot of stalactites, stalagmites with strange shapes everywhere. Thus, one has envisioned a myth of the love and separation of the Father Dragon, the Mother Dragon that took place on a cliff or thought it was a picture of the labyrinth of the Persian Emperor in the story “1001 nights”.

In the inside, the cave is vented through the outside by a small door, overlooking a small bay surrounded by a mountain. In the cave, there is also a note on the cliff and the number 1901. Perhaps this is the first explorer's autograph to find this cave. Nowadays, people have built a system of stairs, beautiful and elaborate corridors both outside and inside the cave with lighting systems for visitors to easily visit the cave. On May 1st, 1998, the Thien Cung cave was officially opened for visitors and since then, it has formed a wave of travel to Ha Long Bay. This is the first cave in Ha Long that has been modified by humans on a large scale.

Nowadays, Thien Cung cave is a favorite destination that attracts many domestic and international visitors to visit and explore the cave. If you want to visit, just book a one-day or two-day tour –overnight at hotel with a 4-6 hour tour.

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