Sung Sot Cave ( Surprise Cave )

The Surprise Cave is located in the central part of the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay, in Bo Hon Island. This is the largest and most beautiful cave of Ha Long Bay and it’s also the place where has many unique rock formations that nowhere to be found. The road to Surprise Cave is under the foliage of the forest, the stone steps climbing; visitors get the fun of mountain climbers, as well as are eager going to heaven.

The cave is divided into two main compartments, the first of which is as a large theater. The ceiling is covered with a layer of glittering "velvet carpet", countless "light beams", stone statues in shape of elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers ... all seem to be a vibration between the reality and the dream. Not only be surprised by the miraculous beauty in the first compartment, we enter the second compartment with a small path. A light burst into here effulgently, the cave opens a completely new scene, a vast expanse that can hold thousands of people. Going into the inside, there are so many strange things, like the ancient tree with lush foliage, sea bears, dinosaurs...

Reaching at the highest point of the cave, suddenly a "royal garden" opened in front of us, there are a wide range of clear lakes, romantic landscape with alive animals and plants. The monkeys are often down here to look for fruit, disturbing an entire region. The cave is located in the tourist center of Ha Long Bay (Ti Top Beach - Drum Cave - Me Cung Cave - Luon Cave – Surprise Cave) and was named "Grotte des surprises" by the French.

In the Sung Sot cave, the 30 m high cave has small, smoothly incisions, as if it were decorated with spongy things. It looks like the ceiling of the grand theater, which is really magnificent. Near the door, there are huge stone blocks rising from the ground to the ceiling. This is one of the typical karst caves, with high scientific value. Next to the entrance is a stalactite shaped horse and a long sword. According to the legend, after defeating the enemy, Saint Giong helped the people here chase ghosts, and then he flew into the heaven, leaving the sword and precious horse to reassure the people. At present, there are a lot of many natural images which seem to be traces of that fierce battle, horse footprints of Saint Giong became pretty little ponds along with many large rocks crumbling...

Currently, Surprise Cave is a favorite destination for many domestic and international tourists to visit and explore the cave. If you want to visit it, just book the tour which overnight on cruise in the bay with the journey 2 days or 3 days or some 1-day tours within 6 hours.

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