Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave is about 5000m2 in width, located at a height of 27m above sea level, the same age with Thien Cung Cave’s formation. Dau Go Cave: In the middle of the fantastic scenery of Ha Long Bay, a cave with a very rustic name: Dau Go Cave (Wooden head cave). Looking back from a distance, the cave door is blue with the shape of a jellyfish, over 90 steps of stone to reach the cave. The cave is about 25m in height; from above, hundreds of giant stalactites fall down like a strange waterfall.

The cave is divided into three main compartments. The outside compartment has a dome-shaped shape full of natural light, the ceiling is a giant “oil painting”, depicting untouched natural landscape with colorful stalagmites and stalactites to create many shapes depending on the rich imagination of each person: the herds of elephants are going to feed, the bewildered deers, the lions are sleeping..., below is a turtle swimming in a vast pool. Standing under the dome of the cave, we feel like standing in the middle of an ancient castle with massive and majestic architecture. Crossing the first compartment, through a narrow door, we will enter the second compartment of the cave. The light that shines vaporously, strange paintings show up in mysterious glitter. The hidden stone flowers sometimes appear, the images are both familiar and strange ... giving people both fear and curious feeling. Coming to the third compartment of the cave, the cave suddenly widened again. At the end of the cave, there is a fairy well with clear and fresh water in four seasons. Unintentionally, we look upwards in the dim light, we realize that the four sides around are the image of an ancient citadel, on which a battle of elephants, people and horses is in swords, all was rushing and suddenly petrified.

Limestone stalactites create very beautiful and unique images

The reason why it is called Dau Go cave, according to the old legend that: In the resistance war against Nguyen Mong army, Tran Hung Dao prepared many ironwood stakes  to plug into the Bach Dang river, creating a water battle, creating a peal naval battle in history. After that, there were many wooden pieces left, so the cave was called Dau Go cave (Wooden head cave). The name is called Hidden Wood Cave because according to legend, it was the place whew Tran Hung Dao hid the ironwood stakes to prepare for the battle of Bach Dang against the Nguyen - Mong army.

If the Thien Cung cave is subtle and modern, the Dau Go cave is majestic and very massive. In the Merveille de Monde (wonders in the world) of France published in 1938 which specializes on tourism of well-known landscapes in the world called Dau Go cave as “Grotte des merveilles” (cave of the wonders). That is absolutely correct. Dau Go Cave seems to gather an ancient architectural complex, the wild and quiet beauty with many small stone columns, stone pillars and stalagmites, soaring as if to reach the sky...

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