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Lam Kinh Temple

lam-kinh-temple.jpgAfter enthronement, hero Le Loi, the leader of the Lam Son Insurrection, started the feudal Le Dynasty. To commemorate his homeland and also the revolutionary base of the Lam Son Insurrection, a monument was built in the sacred land of Lam Son, called Lam Kinh today.

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The Lam Kinh historical vestige is located in Xuan Lam, Tho Xuan, Thanh Hoa province, about 50km from the city of Thanh Hoa in the northwest. The Lam Kinh historical vestige covers about 200ha, including royal tombs, temples, ramparts and royal stop-over places of the Le dynasty. This historical place was recognized as a national historical monument in 1962.


Artistic values of the Lam Kinh Temple are also seen through remaining vestiges and materials, which were excavated by archaeologists although it was vastly damaged. Five graves of the Kings and one of the Queen Mother of the Le Dynasty were also found in the temple: Vinh Lang (the tomb of Le Thai To King), Huu Lang (the tomb of Le Thai Tong King), Chieu Lang (the tomb of Le Thanh Tong King), Khon Nguyen Chi Duc (the tomb of Queen Mother Ngo Thi Ngoc Dao, King Le Thanh Tong’s mother), Du Lang (the tomb of Le Hien Tong King) and Kinh Lang (the tomb of Le Tuc Tong King). Tombs of the Le Dynasty are well-located and plainly built. They include three main parts: steles in front of the tomb, two lines of stone statues and the tombs themselves. The tomb of Le Thai To King (Vinh Lang), situated behind the Lam Kinh Temple, is simple. Therefore, tombs of other Kings were also constructed modestly.


One of untouched vestiges and the most valued in Lam Kinh is Vinh Lang. The stele is located in the southwest of Lam Kinh and made of monolithic sediment with the height of 2.97m, width of 1.94m and thickness of 0.27m. It is on the back of a big turtle, which is 3.46m length, 1.9m width and 0.94m height. Vinh Lang stele is sophisticatedly decorated with skillful sculptures. On it were carved five words – Lam Son Vinh Lang stele. A short and succinct epitaph, written by Nguyen Trai, on Vinh Lang summarizes the career and praises the merit of Le Thai To King. The present stele was rebuilt in 1961 in the Le Dynasty’s design.


Lam Kinh is where hero Le Loi and many Kings and Queen Mothers of the later Le Dynasty lie at rest forever.

Lam Kinh is the original point of the later Le Dynasty, the longest feudal reign in Vietnam (1428-1789). It is a place to worship the ancestors. Lam Kinh also manifests the indomitable spirit of the Lam Son Insurrection led by Le Loi.

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Lam Kinh Temple

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