Tra Vinh

Tra Vinh
Tra Vinh is a coastal province, but still characterized by the Mekong Delta. There are many tourist attractions. As a coastal province, you can not miss “Ba Dong Beach” which still keep the pristine features of the white sand beach, clear waters and fresh atmosphere. The spiritual culture is subtle in the ancient, unique architecture pagodas like Hang Pagoda, Tram Be pagoda, Ang Pagoda, Vam Ray Pagoda... You will be amazed at the architecture of these pagodas. Coming to Tra Vinh is to the lush orchard, experience the feeling of real farmers at Tan Quy islet, Long Tri islet. There are many kinds of fruits: mangosteen, durian, grapefruit, orange, strawberry ... They are considered as high quality in the area. In addition, you can ride a bike, or rowing boat on the river, hunting fish with local people here. The local people are honest and hospitable. Their friendliness has made a good impression in the hearts of tourists during the trip.
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Things to see in Tra Vinh

Cau Ke

Cau Ke is a district in the western of Tra Vinh province. This land has potential tourism development. They are the potential of spiritual tourism with many traditional- cultural festivals or ecotourism development. We can mention to Tan Quy Islets - the land of fruit trees. Besides, this district has many historical sites such as Cau Ke ancient house or Huynh Ky ancient house. Both of them have antique lines which mark the architecture of twentieth century. Coming here, visitors will listen to interesting stories associated with these two ancient houses.

Tours in Tra Vinh

Saigon - Cau Ke ( 2 days 1night )

2 days 1 nights
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