CaoDai temple

CaoDai temple

CaoDai temple is a religious project of the Cao Dai religion, located in Hoa Thanh Town, Hoa Thanh District, Tay Ninh Province. It’s about 4 km to the southeast of Tay Ninh province.

As the largest temple of Caodaism, the Cao Dai Temple annually attracts millions of visitors and pilgrims. The unique combination of Eastern and Western philosophy, the Cao Dai Temple demonstrates the synthesis of many spiritual elements in a harmonious way. Cao Daism is a religion combining Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, Hinduism, Geniism, and Taoism.

Being started the construction in 1933 and officially inaugurated in 1955, Cao Dai Tay Ninh is a place of worship “Thien Nhan”- the sacred symbol of Cao Dai. Located on an area of about 40km², the entire Cao Dai Tay Ninh Temple consists of nearly 100 large and small architectural works built of bamboo-concrete. The temple has 12 gates which are carved images of four animals of gods (Dragon, Lion, Turtle, Phoenix) and lotus. The largest of all door is normally closed and only opens to make way for leaders and public personalities.

Everywhere, the columns are decorated with dragon symbols and painted in white, red, pink and blue paint. The dome in the main hall is divided into 9 parts which symbolize heaven. This is actually the painting of a starry night. The dome is located above a huge blue globe, on which the Divine Eye, the official symbol of Cao Daism, is painted.

At Tay Ninh, visit the Cao Dai Great Temple, with architecture that could have come straight from a Walt Disney fantasy and where all the major faiths of the world blend together in a unique religious mosaic.

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