National Library

National Library

The National Library of Cambodia is located to the west of Wat Phnom, opposite the National University of Management, next to the Sunway Hotel.

The National Library was built in 1924 during French colonial rule and was intended for French researchers. However, it was handed back to Cambodia after the colonial occupation collapsed in 1953.

Its purpose is to collect, preserve and provide access to the nation’s documentary heritage. It contains books, reports, serials and non-print items, published in Cambodia, about Cambodia, or by Cambodians, mainly in Khmer, English or French and Palm leaf manuscripts.

The environment inside the library is enjoyable for those who like being away from noisy disturbances. There are shelves on every side, teeming with hundreds of books on a huge range of subject areas. In addition to books, readers discover newspapers, magazines and manuscripts.

National or international visitors can come to the National Library at any time during working hours, which are divided into two sessions. Session one is from 7:30 am to 11:30 am and session two starts from 2:00 pm and runs until 5:00 pm. The library is open every day except weekends and public holidays.

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