Pokrongarai Cham Tower

Pokrongarai Cham Tower

Pokrongarai Cham Tower is located on Trau Hill, in Do Vinh Ward, 9 km to the northwest of Phan Rang - Cham Towers, built in the late 13th and early 14th centuries.

Po Klong Garai is the common name for a cluster of Cham towers and the most beautiful remaining in Vietnam, worshiping King Po Klong Garai. This architectural monument was classified by the Ministry of Culture as national monument relic in 1979 and was ranked by the Prime Minister as special national monuments.

Po Klong Garai Tower is a complex of three towers: the main tower (20.5m in height), the fire tower (9.31m in height), the gate tower (8.56m in height). The architectural, artistic and sculpture levels of this tower are very great. The surfaces of the towers are engraved with humans, dragons, leaves and sacred cows in stones and ceramics.

Visitors follow the steps to climb the hill, visit the entire fire tower is higher than 9 m. According to Cham people, this place is a resting place and contains objects for ancient rituals. The Gate Tower is also a place to rest, retreat before entering the Main Tower. In the main tower, they worship Po Klong Garai (1151 - 1205) with the symbol Mukha - Linga. He is a great contributor in building the system of water drainage into the field, serving the Cham farmers in the area. The work of this famous King has been still used so far - the Nha Trinh Dam and the Cham Canal.

The unique part of Po Klong Garai tower lies in the clay bricks used for building it and the glue used to stick those bricks together. The glue is believed to have been made from an extract from a plant species called Dipterocarpus alatus, a tropical forest tree common in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. How the Dipterocarpus alatus extract was mixed with other materials to make the glue remains a mystery.

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