Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh
Nam Dinh is a coastal plain Delta south of the Red River, 90 km from Hanoi. You have a chance to visit “Cultural relics of Tran dynasty”; “Phu Day Monuments” - including relics related to the life of Lieu Hanh Goddess – an immortal saint of Vietnam. “Co Le Pagoda” is one of the famous destination in Nam Dinh. The pagoda has its own appearance; particularly outstanding which bring the "Door on national culture, orientalism combined with the West culture". “Thinh Long Beach” is also an attractive destination when traveling to Nam Dinh which has smooth sand, long kilometers coastal length. A stop is not to be missed while traveling Nam Dinh is “Xuan Thuy National Park”. The fertile rich red water of the Red River has created a wetland area with many wild fauna and flora and rare migratory birds.
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Things to see in Nam Dinh

Vi Khe Bonsai Village

This traditional village has age of 800 years old with many famous bonsai, ornamental trees which are meticulously trimmed into full of art and beautiful forms. It is also the home of famous flowers such as white peach, orchid, rose, water- rail along with hundreds of other flowers like dahlia, galdious… Every year, Vi Khe Flower Festival is held at the communal house in the village from 12th to 16th of the lunar month to commemorate the merit of forefather. Moreover, this is also a chance for artisans to learn and exchange their beautiful works.  

Dong Que Museum (Countryside Museum)

Dong Que (Countryside) museum in Gia Thinh commune, Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh province. It is a rare case because most of museums in Viet Nam are in major cities. The pictures of northern countryside in Red River Delta has been reappeared in this museum in a most perfect way. There are replicas of the traditional houses of different classes of people: landlords, middle-class farmers, and poor farmers.  Besides, in the center of the museum is a 4-storey house where objects typical of rural Vietnam are on display. Around the Museum is also planted many kinds of plants, such as vegetarian...

Xuan Thuy National Park

Xuan Thuy National Park is a mangrove forest in the Red River Delta biosphere reserve zone. It is the   home of many valuable aquatic species along with wildlife of flora and animal; especially, rare migratory birds. Visitors will have the opportunity to sit on the boat to see the unique landscape of this mangrove forests. If you visit in birds migrate season, you can also see many kinds of birds gathering here and display the passionate dance.  In addition, Xuan Thuy is a district which has long tradition and culture, so it is also a good opportunity to experience more deeply...

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