Supan village

Supan village

SuPan is a commune in Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam. Located along the Muong Hoa valley as Lao Chai, Ta Van but Su Pan is called "mountainous commune". It is situated on a low hill in the east of the main road; about 17km from Sapa town.

SuPan consists of 4 hamlets of the Black H'mong and the Red Dao. Looking down Muong Hoa valley, this is a poor commune of Sapa district because there is less land for cultivation with most land is rocky.  The commune has 368 households, 2005 residents, 98% is Mong tribe; the rest is the Kinh and Dao ethnic groups.

Walk through rice and cornfields. See the products of this minority at its best, with established rice terraces, homes and a vibrant community where you can rest your feet and take in the stunning mountain scenery with many opportunities to shoot more beautiful photos.

Through the winding and slope path, you have a chance communicate with the people here to explore their culture and lifestyle. The simplicity of the ethnicand its naturally charming sights are still remained and seduce you with fresh and comfortable trek.

Besides agricultal activities, nowadays local people can raise their income and support their living by making sophisticated brocades. Tourists coming to this village often see some groups of women gathering together and taking while embroidering carefully and happily.

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