Giang Ta Chai village

Giang Ta Chai village

Giang Ta Chai village is 13 km to the northwest of Sa Pa town, in Ta Phin commune, Sa Pa district, province Lao Cai.

Ta Chai is surrounded by more than 50 hectares of primary forest, 30 hectares of regenerated forest with abundant and precious species of animals and plants. Red zao minority people in Giang Ta Chai village in Sapa in Vietnam wear very colorful traditional costumes. In Giang Ta Chai village in Sapa in Vietnam, travelers also can visit wonderful waterfall as well.

The Red Dao households in the village, in addition to do the transplanting, breeding, the people also develop traditional crafts: brocade embroidery, silver mosaics, jewelry processing, knitting, casting ... In particular, Giang Ta Chai is the only place in Sa Pa to produce the medicinal bath products of the Red Dao tribe.

Ta Chai Village is unique in the traditional cultural activities of the Red Dao as: the system of wedding ceremonies; dance festival of “Tet nhay”; ... will delight visitors. Coming here, visitors also enjoy the food with bold flavors of the forest: stream fish, mushrooms, sour bamboo shoots, salt pork;…

“Xoe” Dance Festival is a unique festival held on January 5 lunar year, at Ta Chai, Bac Ha. This is the spring festival of the Tay people for the harvest season, grain fully rice paddy.

Bac Ha people are hospitable and rich in cultural traditions national identity, this helps Bac Ha become an attractive tourist cultural and ecological destination.

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