Datanla waterfall

Datanla waterfall

DaTanla waterfall is located on the Prenn Pass - one of the most romantic pass in Da Lat, beside National Road No.20, about 10 km south of the city center.

The name of the waterfall, Datanla, means water under the leaves, name that explains the origin of the falls, based on three Vietnamese legends.

At this point, visitors not only visit, admire the falls but also can participate in adventure activities, strong feelings like swing wire, slide the waterfall ... which may challenge anyone.

The roller coaster system in Datanla is considered as the unique in Dalat. It is 1,000m in length, winding around the slopes, has a sensor braking system to slow down the speed of the car to keep the distance between the cars.

Rope climbing at Datanlla Waterfall is an adventurous sport to explore and test visitors’ courage in Death Cave. Datanla greets visitors with a spectacular 7-tiered waterfall.  A pure blue stream flows over granite ridge and then flushes down the large stone to create white foams, and a 7-color rainbow. Chestnut said that fairies usually bathed in the falls because it was covered by several tiers of leaves.

Kayak is for young people like freedom, explore nature. When participating in this game, visitors are provided with protective gear such as life jackets and are equipped with basic boating skills. Being mastered, visitors will be able to sail around the lake and can pick strawberries and visit the nearby leaf garden.

In recent years, Datanla tourist site has exploited some more adventure activities for visitor trying such as climb the cliff, discover the forest and go along the stream to come to Prenn Bridge.

Datanla Waterfall is one of the destinations not to be missed by travelers while traveling Dalat. This waterfall also contributes to enrich the destination of nature tourism of Vietnam in general and Da Lat in particular.

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