BaoDai Summer Palace Dalat

BaoDai Summer Palace Dalat

Located about 4 km to the east of Dalat city, on a romantic hill at 1,550m height with pine forest surrounding. Bao Dai summer Palace (also known as Palace 3 as there are 2 other palaces of Bao Dai in Dalat) is a unique architecture in ancient, majestic and elegant appearance.

Palace III is the summer residence of Emperor Bao Dai, the last emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty and also the last emperor of the feudal dynasties of Vietnam. Built in 1933 by a French architect and architect Huynh Tan Phat, designed with 25 rooms. The ground floor is the working place of the king. It consists of the office room, the guest room and the reception room. Upstairs is the living space of the king and his family. The bedroom of the king also has a gorgeous balcony called the watching moon balcony where the king and the queen could appreciate the moonlight. Each of the room reflects the characteristics and status of the owner: the eldest son's room is painted yellow and considered luxurious at that time, the Queen's room can be easily identified with her feminine touch. Inside the palace, there are many valuable items still preserved in good condition.

Palace III is a European style architecture, typically, behind and in front of the palace are flower gardens. Currently, Palace III is preserved almost intact, so that visitors can feel the atmosphere is both dignified, close and cozy of a royal family.

Bao Dai summer Palace Dalat is a beautiful architecture, associated with a special period of Vietnam. It is a must-visit villa for almost all travelers.

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