Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Tri Nguyen Aquarium gradually creates great appeal for tourists. Inaugurated in 1998, this is currently the largest-scale aquarium in Vietnam.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium is designed to be a moss-covered fossil ship, in the heart of the ship is a miniature ocean with a lot of rare fish species, the special here is Aquarium live Coral. The system of fish lakes consists of 2 forms: outdoor and indoor.

Here, you will be explored the ocean floor with rich and diverse flora and fauna such as shark, coral, sea turtle, seahorse, sea anemone ... of the aquarium. Moreover, you also visit the island, go camping, go fishing ... and visit Nha Trang fishing village.

Coming to Tri Nguyen Aquarium, you will have a feeling of being lost into the palaces of the King of Water with extremely attractive flora and fauna.  There are fish that you will never see and know about them if you don’t come here.

Furthermore, numerous either indoor or outdoor aquariums covered by royal orchids, casuarinas or tropical almond trees with circle-shaped leave... contribute the charming scenery. They are developing Tri Nguyen Aquarium into one of the most key tourist attractions in Nha Trang

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