Long Son pagoda

Long Son pagoda

Referring to Nha Trang, we cannot to mention to Long Son Pagoda. And those who have been to Nha Trang cannot fail to know this landmark.

Long Son Pagoda is located at No. 20, 23rd October Street, Phuong Son Ward, at the foot of Trai Thuy Hill, Nha Trang City. The temple which was built over a hundred years ago, has been restored many times and has been the most famous temple in Khanh Hoa (Vietnam) so far.

 In panoramic view, Long Son pagoda has a very beautiful location which is convenient for visitors. The pagoda was erected on a high, airy, lush green hillside, next to roads and crowded streets but it still keeps its own quiet. The rows of buildings and scenery integrate with the massive temple, forming a complete structure hidden beneath the tall Bodhi trees, luxuriant leaves with their shade.

The campus is 44.5 meters in width and 72 meters in length. Next to the pagoda is the lecture hall of the Khanh Hoa Buddhist School and the headquarters of the Khanh Hoa Buddhism. The main hall is 1,670 m² width, there is a bronze Buddha statue sitting for sermon which is1.6 meters in height and 700 kg in weight.

Today, Long Son Pagoda boasts beautiful and unique turn-of-the-century Taoist architecture characterized by the embellishment of mythical animals and sculptures of Taoist gods. It is also a working monastery complete with a school for monks in its grounds. An impressive three-tier roofed entrance, decorated with mosaic dragons, leads to the large temple grounds decorated by potted topiary.

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