Ponagar Cham Towers

Ponagar Cham Towers

Ponagar Cham Towers are a Cham temple located at the top of a small hill about 10-12 meters above sea level, at the estuary of the Cai river (Nha Trang river) in Nha Trang, about 2 km north of the city center, now in Vinh Phuoc Ward, Nha Trang city.

The overall structure of the Ponagar Towers is three floors. Lower level: The ground level is the gate tower that is no longer there. There are stone stairs leading up to the middle floor, where there are only two main octagonal brick columns, each side has 5 columns with more than 1 meter in diameter and 3 meters in height. On both sides of these large columns, there are 12 small and lower columns that are all on a brick floor and more than 1 meter in height. The top floor is where the towers were built, in front of the main tower. Ponagar Towers refer to the population of this temple; actually, it is the name of the largest tower, about 23m in height.

The largest, which is 23m high, was built in 817 AD and contains a linga and a statue dedicated to Ponagar, who is said to have taught new agricultural and weaving techniques to people of the area. In gratitude they have built the complex to honour the Goddess. The central tower is in honour of Cri Cambhu who blesses devotees with fertility, ence childless couples often visit and pray there. The North West tower is in honour of Sanhaka, a wood cutter and foster father to Ponagar. The tower in the south was dedicated to Ganeca, the daughter of Ponagar.

If you want to discovery the hidden charm of the Cham people’s culture, you can watch as many traditional dance shows as you want.

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