Hon Chong Promontory

Hon Chong Promontory

Hon Chong Promontory is a natural landscape in Vinh Phuoc ward, Nha Trang city. This area is a rocky field stacking each other naturally.

Hon Chong consists of two large cliffs lying on the beach at the foot of La-san Hill can be created by the erosion of the tide to the hill. Interestingly, the large rocks piled on top of each other, passing through the waves, the wind and the rain, but they aren’t tossed over.

Hon Chong is a place where tourists can swim, can play mountain climbing, watching the sea. There are many interesting folk stories about the Hon Chong, the strangest is on a large rock on the top of the island of Hon Chong imprinted a giant hand in stone as if when its new formation, the stone has not yet frozen, there was a giant hand to sign, leaving traces to  nowadays.

The area of Hon Chong has many potential to develop tourism, but it has been put into operation recently.

Viewing from Hon Chong is Co Tien Mountain in the other side. From Hon Chong Promontory, tourists will have a chance to clearly contemplate Hon Do (Red) (where houses a pagoda). It is unique features that bring Hon Chong to become the indispensable highlight in Nha Trang tours.

Hon Chong Promontory – Co Tien Mountain are becoming a rich tourist destination of the coastal city of Nha Trang, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

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