Kampong Speu

Kampong Speu
Kampong Speu is the capital of Kampong Speu Province in Cambodia. Speu is the Khmer word for starfruit, but Kampong Speu is actually famous for its palm sugar and wine. This province is a natural and cultural resort, which is located at Tang Tonle Village and Ampe Phnom Village, So Por Tep Commune and Svay Kra Van Commune, Chbar Mon District in 48-Kilometer distance from Phnom Penh, then turning left for two more kilometres.The resort has natural rivers, especially the bigger Preaek Thnot River, which has many big trees growing along it and the mountain foot, a rocking bridge linking from Tang Tonle Village to Ampe Phnom Village. You may also see the old pagoda on a hill, what's a worshipping place for Cambodian people, who go there during traditional festivals.At Ampe Phnom, tourists can enjoy swimming, walking through the rocking bridge and resting at the collages along the riverbank.
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Things to see in Kampong Speu

Ou Dong

Oudong (also transcribed Udong or Odong or Udon) in Kampong Speu Province is a small town 40 km northwest of Phnom Penh. Oudong had been the capital of Cambodia before King Norodom shifted it to Phnom Penh. It is located at the basis of the twin-hill Phnom Oudong, which is crowned by historical Buddhist stupas, being the main attraction of this World Heritage Site aspirant. Oudongs stupas (chedis) constitute a kind of necropolis of the past kings of Cambodia. The city was founded 1601 by King Srei Soryopor, who is also known as Barom Reachea IV, after Thais had attacked the former capital...

Phnom Praset

Phnom Praset, located 32 km to northwest of Phnom Penh, features at the top of the hill a brick sanctuary called Prasat Srey Krup Leak ("Temple of the Perfect Woman").

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