Thien Mu pagoda

Thien Mu pagoda

Thien Mu pagoda is one of the oldest and most attractive religious sites in Hue city. With beautiful architecture and ancient pagoda, it becomes as a tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign visitors.

Thien Mu Pagoda (also known as Linh Mu Pagoda) is located in Ha Khe Hill, on the northern bank of the Parfume River, Kim Long Ward. It’s about 5 km to the west of Hue city center. It was in 1601 that the pagoda was built following the decision of Lord Nguyen Hoan.

As tourists approach the pagoda, what seizes their attention first is the seven-storey octagonal tower named Phuoc Duyen Tower (formerly Tu Nhan Tower). Built in mid-19th century by King Thieu Tri, the tower was to commemorate the 80th birthday anniversary of his grandmother.

Passing the 3-door gate are 12 huge wooden sculptures of fearsome temple guardians and then in the middle of the area is where Dai Hung Palace – the main sanctuary of Thien Mu Pagoda, is located. Here, Buddha is worshipped with impressive sculptures and a giant bell, measuring 2.5m in height and 2 tons in weight, created since early 18th century. Fragrant incense smoke fills the air there all day long, making the praying for blessings calm and peaceful. Around the pagoda is the bonsai garden green. The back garden has a quiet, poetic and charming landscape with the great combination between architecture and nature.

In particular, the sound of Thien Mu pagoda’s bell is as the soul of Hue, echoing through the flow of the Huong River flows through the capital city to the sea, retaining in the heart of people.

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